A New Recruit

Spoilers (Scenario 01. The Black Barrow; Scenario 02. Barrow Lair; City Card #2; Road Card #16; Scenario 03. Inox Encampment) The Gloomgärde A runt of a Savvas, Mürus always literally looked up to his brothers and sisters. Upon seeing Grimbul the Brute, it was no different. It was in the market streets where Mürus came across Read more about A New Recruit[…]

The Frozen Hollow

Spoilers (City Card #3; Scenario #14. The Frozen Hollow) The Gloomgärde Members of the Gloomgärde that braved The Frozen Hollow Gloomhaven As the daylight fades, you find yourselves wandering through a half-crowded market street, browsing wares.  “Hey! Over here!” You turn in the direction of the voice to see a filthy Vermling gesturing from a Read more about The Frozen Hollow[…]

The Decaying Crypt

Spoilers (City Card #9; Road Card #29; Scenario #6. Decaying Crypt) The Gloomgärde Members of the Gloomgärde that braved the Decaying Crypt. At this point, I don’t think Liz is going to be playing Gloomhaven, and John has taken on Flower as his own character. Gloomhaven After a night of heavy drinking, you get turned Read more about The Decaying Crypt[…]

The Ruinous Crypt

Spoilers (City Card #8; Road Card #28; Scenario #5. Ruinous Crypt) The Gloomgärde Members of the Gloomgärde that braved the Ruinous Crypt. Flower played by John. Gloomhaven On a trip to the New Market, you see a curious sea chart prominently displayed in a Valrath merchant’s stall. “Ah, I see this interests you! he says Read more about The Ruinous Crypt[…]

Crypt of the Damned

Spoilers (City Card #27; Road Card #24; Scenario #04. Crypt of the Damned) The Gloomgärde Members of the Gloomgärde that successfully completed the Crypt of the Damned. Notes The Crypt of the Damned was attempted numerous times with various groups (I don’t remember), but finally was defeated with Mürus and Flower (played by John). Mürus was Read more about Crypt of the Damned[…]

The Barrow Lair

Spoilers (Scenario 02. The Barrow Lair) The Gloomgärde Notes The Barrow Lair took more than a few attempts. Mürus tried it at least once with his only friend, Ingen. He really wanted to bring along Flower, but something about it being too late kept her from joining. Not able to defeat the enemies in the lair Read more about The Barrow Lair[…]

The Black Barrow

Spoilers (Road Card 07; Scenario 01. The Black Barrow) The Gloomgärde City of Gloomhaven Mürus purchases Leather Armor and an Iron Helmet. Flower purchases an Invisibility Cloak and a Minor Power Potion. Ingen purchases Eagle Eye Goggles. The Road to The Black Barrow Walking along the edge of a forest, you begin to hear strange, Read more about The Black Barrow[…]