July 13, 2019


Telgaunt deThiere

Death Cleric / Shadow Sorcerer
West Marches Campaign (DnD 5e)
DMs: Icedern, Dheth, Xuln

Sermons & Prayers

Character Sheet

Valerie Crow

Dhampir of Morgau & Krakovan Rebel Celestial Warlock
Chronicles of Midgard (DnD 5e)
DM: Icedern

Dreams & Prayers

Character Sheet

Baron Elathain Kelwyn-Kaiden

Noble & Ranger
Kaliteth (GURPS Fantasy)
DM: BronzeHand


Character Sheet

Arcturus Astrum

Inventor & Telekinetic
Thread of Darkness (GURPS Ultra-Tech)
DM: BronzeHand

Dairy & Inventions

Character Sheet