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we use the GURPS system as it promotes creativity

We stress creating quality stories by both the GM and the players. We use the GURPS system as it is flexible, doesn't stifle creativity, and doesn't railroad players into playing certain roles. We play many genres in various campaigns: Low Fantasy, High Fantasy Sci-Fi, Post Apocalypse, Classic Dungeon Crawls, and many more. | | | We're a bunch of normal guys that have normal lives outside of gaming (wives, careers, interests other than gaming) and are always looking for others to join our gaming table (mostly online nowadays). It's sometimes hard to get everyone together so we'd like to add a few more to our group so that we can have a larger pool of players available on any given game night. | | | Currently, we mostly play on weeknights as we have day jobs and weekends are mostly filled with family things. There are the occasional weekends that we game for longer sessions.

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