The Decaying Crypt

Spoilers (City Card #9; Road Card #29; Scenario #6. Decaying Crypt)

The Gloomgärde

Members of the Gloomgärde that braved the Decaying Crypt. At this point, I don’t think Liz is going to be playing Gloomhaven, and John has taken on Flower as his own character.


After a night of heavy drinking, you get turned around while navigating the back alleys and find yourself standing before a collapsed section of bricked road that leads down into an underground tunnel.

Fueled by curiosity and a bit of liquid courage, you descend in search of adventure. Stumbling around in teh vast network of tunnels proves rather fruitless, however, until a well-concealed passage leads you to a long-forgotten stash of weaponry and dried food.

The stuff could fetch a decent price at the Sunken Market, or you could turn it over to the city guard, which is always in need of arms and rations.

The Gloomgärde decides the city guard needs all the help it can get and donates the goods to the city.

You sleep off the previous night’s revelries and approach the Captain of the Guard. “This is wonderful news! With attacks on the city becoming ever more frequent, our blacksmiths are having trouble keeping up with our demands. And the food should help considerably if we ever find ourselves under siege. This is truly a big help to the city.” (Gain 1 prosperity.)

City Card #9

The Road

Walking among some foothills, you enter a narrow valley and find a large pile of stones blocking you way. Clearly a rock slide occurred here recently.

You move closer to the pile and despair at just how large the stones are. Only someone of great strength and skill could clear a path efficiently. 

Without a word, Mürus the Cragheart, steps up and with a combination of raw strength and an affinity for stonework is perfect for this task. In a matter of minutes, enough stones have been destroyed or thrown aside to open a path.

Road Card #29

Decaying Crypt

What is life without a little bit of intrigue? The cultists have clearly marked this crypt as a spot of trouble for them. Perhaps clearing the place out will put you in their good graces. Or maybe you’re just hoping to find a big stash of treasure, untouched by looters’ hands.

Once you arrive, the smell makes you regret your decision more than anything else. It’s not the fact that you’ve had it about up to here with exploring old decrepit ruins. It’s not the undead horrors shambling and moaning in the shadows. It’s the smell. The smell of death and soullessness and rotting flesh.

Mürus & Flower defeat the Living Bones, Living Corpses, and Living Spirits in no time.

After the terrible shrieks and moans of the undead, the sound of someone clapping is at once foreign and alarming. Turning around, you see a hooded figure standing at the edge of your torchlight. You raise your weapon, but the grin on his silhouetted face isn’t menacing in a way that calls for arms. It is menacing in a way you’ve never experienced before.

“Well done, sirs,” the figure lilts. “My, my, but you do have a way about you, don’t you?” And you’ve certainly gotten our attention now, removing this troublesome crypt of its rogue undead element. We very much prefer our undead to be the controllable variety, now don’t we?”

There is a long pause as the figure stares at you, still grinning.

“Well, perhaps you’d be so kind as to do us another favor? After which we’ll be mostly settled on the whole issue of you murdering some of my brethren.” He stops grinning.

“There’s a necromancer in Gloomhaven. Been giving us a spot of trouble, sending mercenaries out to do her dirty work against us. Maybe you’ve met her.

“Kill Jekserah. Bring her head to our headquarters, and we’ll see about letting you live.”

Scenario Book, p. 9-10

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