A New Recruit

Spoilers (Scenario 01. The Black Barrow; Scenario 02. Barrow Lair; City Card #2; Road Card #16; Scenario 03. Inox Encampment) The Gloomgärde A runt of a Savvas, Mürus always literally looked up to his brothers and sisters. Upon seeing Grimbul the Brute, it was no different. It was in the market streets where Mürus came across Read more about A New Recruit[…]

The Frozen Hollow

Spoilers (City Card #3; Scenario #14. The Frozen Hollow) The Gloomgärde Members of the Gloomgärde that braved The Frozen Hollow Gloomhaven As the daylight fades, you find yourselves wandering through a half-crowded market street, browsing wares.  “Hey! Over here!” You turn in the direction of the voice to see a filthy Vermling gesturing from a Read more about The Frozen Hollow[…]