The First Sermon

Telgaunt deThiere

Somewhere in the town square a tall, gaunt priest addresses a gathering crowd. The widow Wynne is in attendance.

“We are gathered here today to remember Bryn and his son Jonathan. Let us not forget their bravery and determination to make better lives for their family. As pioneers in an unforgiving land, they ventured south beyond the wall to find fertile land – a noble endeavor for which any of us would do for family.”

“In this land that they set out to conquer, it is with a heavy heart that I share with you, they were attacked by wild boar,” the priest reaches at his feet to lift above his head a giant boar tusk. 

A few in the crowd gasp followed by murmurs of disbelief of the size of such a boar.

“It seems Bryn & Jonathan were taken from us for what purpose only the gods know. But let us rest assured that they are now serving the gods and hope these two brave souls look down upon us to grant us courage in an unforgiving land in the times we need it most. May they look upon their loved wife and mother in the time ahead.” the priest puts his hands together and gives a small reverent nod towards Wynne.

“I ask all of you here today, if you have the courage to conquer this land together and give aid to the widow Wynne, I know Bryn and Jonathan have their welcoming arms outstretched,” the priest holds his long arms outstretched.

He retrieves a small box from his pack and places it at his feet, “Bryn, Jonathan, may nothing separate us from you today. Teach us how to choose your way of courage. Help us walk with these words: Grant us the courage as we walk through this life. If temptation leads us to give up, give us the courage to keep going. Grant us the courage to do what needs to be done.”

The priest remains quiet for a moment before speaking again, “Please, denizens of Nyrheim, if Bryn and Jonathan guide your hand, please give what you may to aid the widow Wynne in the coming days.” He gestures at the small alms box at his feet before closing his eyes in silent prayer.

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