City of Strangers. (Book 1, Chapter 2)

Scene. NYPD Headquarters

Tuesday, January 6, 1920

Commander John Cublin wakes up the two detectives from their too short of slumber. A body of a girl has turned up. Go investigate it.

On the way out of headquarters, the two detectives learn more of the two gangsters who were brought to the hospital. Alberto Zino, died of serious trauma. And the other gangster is still unidentified, but in stable condition.

Scene. Tenement Building

6 floors, 30 apartments, large courtyard dividing the u-shaped complex.

On the Scene: Joe Odger, Assistant Medical examiner.

The two detectives enter the courtyard.

  • Body of Girl
    • suspended in air in a Y-shape.
    • Top half nude, no hair on head, bottom half bound in something, bloody pooling on ground
    • Boudelaire gets sick upon seeing the gruesome sight and opts to go question the residents while Devaul investigates the body more closely.
    • Aged 12-16, caucasian, overly pale, brown eyes, no distinguishing marks, no long term abrasion / bruising,
    • Black marks on chest and top of head, tattoo marks, decorative design / script, shaved head/eyebrows/arm hair, no hair on body
    • Large incision on abdomen, blood flowed from the wound
    • Lower half wrapped in thick fabric / leather, straps woven intricately, colored red, not from blood, but dyed/painted red
    • Internal organ on the ground
    • Pole behind her, silver wire around iron pole, fair amount of fresh scratches in iron pole / metal on metal, probably struggled
    • Time of death? Night time?
      • After 10:30 PM
      • Before 7:15 AM
    • Tracking. Numerous footprints, no tracks in the blood.
    • Criminology. Girl aged 12-16. Arms & Shoulders bound in silver collar wire attached to the pole, holding her in fixed position
    • Questioning. Boudelaire questions neighbors – Mrs. Claire McKenna (Thomas husband) who says her son Ryan found the body. He names some friends – Tyler, Joe, brother Patrick.
    • Mrs. McDormat. Old lady, not very helpful.
      Quickly question all of the tenants, door to door.
      Colin Scott. Out at 10:30 PM. Didn’t see girl or anyone else.
      No screams or loud sounds heard.
    • Observation. Who is watching us in the courtyard from their windows? No one creepy, but a handful of tenants.
    • Search. Nothing unusual.

Tattoo on Victim

As the two detectives are leaving. Felicity Fickle is being escorted out of the apartment building.

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