Bloodied Fields

Hirschberg Sewers. The heroes take rest before moving deeper into the sewers in search of a lost woman. Valer is sitting, reading his new tome that magically appeared in his pack only days ago. His vision glazes over and his mind turns to memories.

A field is bloodied and gory after a senseless massacre. The wailing of newly made widows and parentless children is a cacophony of sound. In the distance a hunched over figure is feeding upon a fresh corpse. The view turns to not just one hunched figure, but thousands, all feeding. The view turns yet again and the weeping widows and children are being chained together and led off into the night sky, towards towering mountains.

The hulking bearkin, Thorn, thumps Valer on the shoulder waking him from his dream, “Come, it’s time we moved on.”

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