City of Strangers (Detective Leslie Devaul)

Leslie Devaul

Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing. So be careful what you get good at.1

What the others on the force think of Devaul

Devaul recently returned to the department from going undercover to bust up a drug ring. He was down there in the muck for months. Shit man, he must have done some crazy shit. He got the job done and the chief promoted him to Detective. Sure the guy probably deserves it, but is he stable enough to handle the job? He’s got the twitches without a smoke or a nip off the flask. What’s gonna happen to him when the city finally runs dry? The poor sod is probably going to go into convulsions or finally snap. Don’t wanna be around when that happens. So if I got some hooch from some crack down, he’s the first to know.

What Devaul thinks about the others on the force

Sometimes they get the job done, when they’re not busy feeding their fat faces or shit-kicking some dime-store robber. It’s a rare time one of them isn’t oblivious to the facts presented to them in any given case.

Most of ’em are corrupt as hell – in the pockets of gang lords, or crooked politicians. The city ain’t drying up on account of any police work. Don’t really give a shit about keeping people from drinking, but a lot of people (cops included) are making a lot of money on bootlegging liquor. Every time there’s a major bust one of the guys offers me some drink. Can’t refuse ’em. Never could.

Some of the guys are OK. Might even thrive if we can clean this place up.

What Devaul Thinks

I believe the common denominator of the universe is not harmony; but chaos, hostility, and murder.2 Shit man, and someone’s gotta be there to keep that door closed. It’s a dark place, and ain’t it something when a kid can grow up never learning of that darkness?

Borrowed Quotes
1Marty from True Detectives
2Werner Herzog

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