Arcturus Astrum

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Arcturus (St. Louis, Earth, Sol, 1964)

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Arcturus Astrum. Tohvayash Engineer, Solani Council Master

Notable Inventions

  • Photonic Computer Pen
  • Solani Gear: Personal Force Field Belt, Force Sword, Force Shield, Sonic Pistol, Tangler Grenade
  • Stylish Nanosuit (self-repairing, cleans wearer)
  • AI Robot, "Paul Ursum" - Has no recollection of creating him but Paul claims Arcturus is his maker.


  • 1925 - Believes to have been born on Earth.
  • 1947 - Investigated Roswell.
  • 1949 - Abducted by N'Tel. Subjected to genetic / biological experimentation.
  • 1964 - Returned to Earth
  • 1978 - Second abduction by N'Tel for a final evaluation.
  • 2001 - Abandoned on unknown planet devoid of sentient life. Forced to live primitively.
  • 2012 - Turuk research team discovered Arcturus, rescuing him from the planet; lived with Turuk for some time; learned advanced technology and cultural familiarity (Turuk); apprenticeship to Spilizh and met Hounquichal.
  • 2026 - Conducted independent research of Spilizh Artifacts; traveled across much of Explored-Space looking for signs of undiscovered artifacts.
  • 2038 - Studied advanced technologies with the Turuk.
  • 2072 - Attended the University of Cambridge; bachelors degree in English Literature with minor in Archaeology. Chosen to be member of group led by James Scott to a new dig site in Peru. Wrote journal on comparison of Mesopotamian writing to unknown script (found on Spilizh Artifacts).
  • 2087 - Secretly constructed Arcturus' Safe House in St. Louis, Missouri at Washington University in the Bruar Hall (School of Engineering and Applied Science).
  • 2103 - Attended Washington University in St. Louis, MO; bachelors degree in engineering and nanotechnology (roommate: Charles Finch); Led the SunCrane expedition to Anderson system where new Spilizh structure was discovered.
  • 2108 - Last met with Spilizh and Hounquichal; gave them box with holographic data crystal.
  • 2109 - Initiated clandestine operation; was discovered; on the run and in hiding; ultimately captured.
  • 2112 - Arrested by CessorX Primacorp and imprisoned on Brin-2.
  • 2138 - Excaped Brin-2 Prison Colony; Led Republic Forces to defeat Velkinor the Destroyer
  • 2139 - Found his ancestors aboard the Rogue Moon.
  • 2140 - Sabotaged the Chaluuk commandship to help defeat the invasion of the Paqomu system.
  • 2141 - Established outposts and patrols along the Republic border to Chaluuk space. Returned to Earth to help guide the UCI government. Visited the Sol'k on Earth and the world of Velkinor. Solani duties.
  • 2142 - Solani duties. Returned to the Rogue Moon to visit Ashari and the Tohvayash. Returned to the Republic and Solani Temple.

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