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Arcturus Astrum Acquaintances

Matron of the Tohvayash, inhabitants of the Rogue Moon, the body of Ashari, the "Ava" [ā-va], resides in a stasis capsule that has preserves her life for millenia (unlike her descendants, she is not immortal). Although her body is in stasis, her mind is very active and linked to the colony computer network, allowing her control of the entire complex. She also may appear anywhere on the colony as a holographic avatar.

Her male counterpart and mate, Yetsam, the "Adam" [a-dam], resides besides her, mummified remains in the damaged stasis capsule.

Hounquichal & Spilizh

Following the emergence of Velkinor in the Republic, Arcturus met with two Turuk historians to aid in his research.

Hounquichal ...

Spilizh is still alive, but very old for a Turuk. She currently resides on Ojikan, the Turuk homeworld. In the year 3076:287RD (20 Apr 1694), Spilizh published her findings on the Spilizh Artifacts.

In her findings Spilizh found evidence of recurring extinctions throughout the galaxy. There was a mass extinction around 65 million years ago and another about 3.5 million years ago. Most of the artifacts found have been in geographical strata of both 65 million and 3.5 million years ago. Some theories are that there was a civil war with the ancient civilization, or a force from outside of the galaxy destroyed the civilization, or a natural phenomenon spurred chaos on the galaxy.

Javi Wi'zen Dehg
Javi wizen dehg.jpg

Javi Wi'zen Dehg [ja-vē wī-zen deg] is a 15-year-old male Fa'Hi who currently serves as an Otoji of the Solani Order, assigned to Arcturus as his apprentice.

Javi grew up in the eastern slums of Kado Denga, capital city on the Fa'Hi homeworld of Tas'Nir in the An'Pash system. He never knew is father and his mother died from illness when Javi was only six years of age. From the ages of six to thirteen, he lived alone in the slums, an urchin forced to scrounge and steal in order to survive.

Two years ago, while attempting to pick the pocket of an offworlder outside the spaceport, Javi got caught, in a very serious way... bound by an invisible force. The man, a Solani Knight, took some time to ask Javi many questions about his life. The knight took sympathy, told the boy he was lucky this time. Most others would have jailed him or killed him as a thief. The knight suggested to the boy to find somewhere to work, to earn credits the honest way.

Javi, never forgot that encounter. Most of all he was intrigued by the invisible force used against him. Ultimately, he decided he wanted to be like that knight, so he began searching and stowing away aboard transports until he made his way to the Solani Temple.

During the stage of initiation, the masters who interviewed him were concerned of his history as a thief, but Kokani [T]pahp sensed deep inside that Javi had at heart a desire to do good, that his actions in life before were done out of necessity, not out of desire. They decided to give him a chance.

Over the last year, Javi has been receiving his initial training and instructions from the masters at the temple. He was just recently assigned to serve with Kokani Arcturus.

Savanna Ward
Member of the Solani Order, former companion of Arcturus until she suffered an injury to her head during the battle with the Chaluuk that left her in a nearly vegetative state.
William Chen
William Chen, born Chen Tāo Ming in Jinan, China, moved with his family at an early age to San Francisco, California. His father, a successful banker, and his mother, a skilled lawyer, placed a huge amount of pressure on William to achieve both academic and extracurricular success. Deprived of a normal childhood, his life was devoted to martial arts practice, homework and study for advanced placement school work, and internship work at both his parents businesses. Then, at the age of 16, he reached the limit of his endurance and suffered a major break-down, which ultimately led to him running away from home.

For the next 14 years, he lived life on the streets. His skill of charm and persuasion opened the hearts and wallets of many who contributed to his welfare. Where charm failed, William found that a convincingly forged document could come in very handy, such as for officially changing his name to William. In time, William began to grow out of the stage of survival and he began to become much more acquainted to the world around him. What he soon discovered was that the world around him sucked. The media reported problems of receding wilderness areas, overpopulated cities, pollution of the environment, extinction of animals and a massive gap in the upper and lower classes. Crime, drug addiction, famine, corruption and disease were out of control in the lower class. To William, the root cause of all these problems and the misery of mankind was the Primacorps. The power-hungry corporations were effectively squeezing the life out of Earth just to earn more money.

In 2100, William made the decision to do something about the Primacorps problem. This time, his charm and persuasion were put to work gathering like-minded individual to join his cause. Founder of the Anti-Primacorp Coalition, over the next 5 years he lead a campaign of war against the Primacorps. Protests, propaganda, riots, espionage, sabotage, bomb-threats and the destruction of installations and equipment were the battlefields of his organization. Quickly, he became the number one target of every Primacorps security agent, bounty hunter and mercenary in the Sol system. Concerned for his safety, several of his closest companions advised him to secretly flee Earth. Unfortunately, it was during his attempt to leave that the Primacorps security agents finally succeeded in tracking him down. Arrested and tried for acts of terrorism, he was sentenced to a life term in prison. Outraged by this arrest, Anticorp continued to wage war with the Primacorps. Leaders of the organization were preparing break William out of prison, but before they could make such an attempt, fate would lead William into the unexpected escape from Brin-2 and his freedom.

When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion. - C.P. Snow

Having a significant role in the rebellion that led to the fall of the Primacorps, and one of the key members of the group that established the interim government, he now serves as a high ranking official of the United Coalitions Imperium.

Harriet Tubman Crew

Avash Liennoan
Avash Liennoan [av-ash lēn-nō-an] is a Kon Ruul, hired on as a crewman. Her primary duties are as Comms/Sensor Tech.
Jád is a Paqomu mechanic who used to own a shop just outside the Republic Senate complex on Nimoin in the Oaoae Nwo system. Last year, a N'Tel spy group seized his shop and jailed him there. From his shop, they were conducting covert operations in an effort to damage the Republic. When Arcturus, Fetek and their group arrived to deal with the N'Tel, they freed Jád. Since then, he as remained with the group and now serves as ships engineer aboard the Harriet Tubman.

Living in isolation from his kind and taking a name to replace his old designation, Jád is fairly unique with Paqomu society. He has a jovial nature, greatly enjoys a good, strong drink, dirty jokes and adventurous tales. He is a prolific smoker of large, smelly Kavtoshi cigars (premium contraband cigars made of Gwabo dung from the Jithdu system An-Soka).

Jox'R'Hod is a Mihtrag, hired on as a crewman. His primary duties are cargo handler and gunner.
Lakwa Hoeokea
Raised in the Hoeokea [Hō-ē-ōkēa] tribe of the Ekn Olkeh system, when Lakwa [la-kwa] was 12 year of age, an Oncama slaver group raided his village, taking him and several others of his tribe captive. Slave of the Oncama, he experience many horrors and atrocities (such as having his tongue ripped out) while forced to work hard labor.

Seven years later, by chance a Republic abolitionist group attacked the Oncama base an succeeded in freeing the captives. During the fighting, one individula stood out as the best-of-the-best, and Lakwa came to view him as the true hero of the raid.

Following his release, Lakwa enlisted in the military, where he served a four year term. Afterwards, he tracked down his hero, the man who saved him from the Oncama, Fetek Raljin, and swore an oath of loyalty to this man, vowing to server as his companion for life (a life-debt). Since then, he has joined Fetek on many adventures and raids that have freed numerous slaves.

He serves aboard the Harriet Tubman as security officer and gunner.

Often pronounced as "Merv", the medical robot designated M.1.R.V., is a companion of the group serving aboard the Harriet Tubman as ships surgeon. It typically remains on station in the sick bay of the ship.

M1RV was manufactured by a notable Terran company to aid in Republic military operations. Manpower was at a premium, so M1 medical robots were in high demand. After a particularly cataclysmic battle, M1RV came to find itself floating among the remnants of a huge fleet in the field of an ion storm.

Although it was shortly rescued, M1RV began having thoughts beyond its medical programming. A group of salvagers pulled it aboard, and began using it to tend to the slaves in a nearby sector. While uninterested in the "human condition," M1RV found that it had an ethical problem with the idea of people as property. When it chose to express this newly-programmed ideal to its captors, M1RV was not-so-gently informed that he, in fact, was also the slavers' property. M1RV then spent its tenure aboard various slaver freighters tending to slaves. It tried to take very good care of them while secretly plotting against its captors. M1RV has not learned, and has no interest in learning, humor or an improved bedside manner. But it doesn't matter, because it gets its job done.

Recently, M1RV and its cadre of slaves were rescued by the renowned Fetek Radeljin. While most of the slaves decided to move on with what they could salvage of their lives, M1RV asked to stay on with Fetek and his crew to save more people from the shackles of slavery.

Paul Ursum
Android on the run...
Ujmitra is a Gelsh woman the group first encountered outside a tavern near the Republic Senate complex on Nimoin in the Oaoae Nwo system. Homeless, living in the alley behind the tavern, she spent her days on the corner begging for credits. The group came to her "rescue" when they observed her being harassed by some Gelsh soldier. In return, she provided some aide to the group in their investigation of the N'Tel operatives. Since then, she has tagged along with the group, given a home aboard the Harriet Tubman and a job of sort; she has taken upon herself to serve as ships steward.

She joined a Mystic Order young, inexperienced and naively believing in the glamour and honor of serving the order... but before long she learned the truth, that the order was as equally political and corruptible as any organization of the Gelsh government. Her ethics and ideals were constantly trampled by the leadership of the order. Though she desired to leave, she knew she could not. To become a mystic, one must make an unbreakable vow to serve for life. However, when one of the higher ranking priests began to made unwanted advances and threatened her should she not comply, she realized she could endure no more and fled the order. As a vow breaker, she was publicly shunned, excommunicated by the order, and deemed an undesirable. She has been forbidden to ever return to Gelsh space.