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The Solani Order (so - psychic power, lani - warrior in Turuk), aka The Republic Order of PsiKnights, is a "special tasks entity" that serves the Republic to fulfill narrow, specific or temporary objectives that are especially critical or sensitive in nature. The order reports to and receives mission assignments directly from the Republic Assembly.

The order is made up of skilled "knights" extensively trained in warfare, diplomacy, psychic abilities and Republic law. While the knights have been granted legal enforcement authority and some legal immunity, the leadership of the order has established a strict code of conduct for all members. Only the most worthy members of the Republic are permitted to join the order.

The Solani Code

The Solani are the rightfully appointed guardians of peace in the galaxy,
Required to seek mastery of mind, body and emotion,
Sworn to use their powers only for the service of others,
To defend and protect the innocent, rather than rule them,
And respect all life, in every form, for the greater good of the galaxy.

The Seven Virtues

  • Gojila (honesty)
  • Diluna (wisdom)
  • Ijaro (courage)
  • Pogaje (loyalty)
  • Jakindu (honor)
  • Tojana (benevolence)
  • Ranoja (righteousness)

Duty Bound to the Code

Each member of the Solani is bound to The Solani Code (Code of Honor: Solani). If a Solani defies one of these codes, he or she will be tried in front of the Solani Council.

Guardians of Peace

Solani are the rightfully appointed guardians of peace in the galaxy.

  • As defenders of peace in the galaxy, the Solani are guardians of all civilizations, but do not allow civilization to destroy needlessly.
  • They are sworn to protect the weak from evil.
  • Solani are expected to never commit murder, for any reason. However, if confronted with a life-or-death struggle, an Solani is permitted to kill to complete their mission. This act is not encouraged, as it is against the code of honoring all forms of life (even malicious or evil life). However, if the act is justified (if it saved others' lives) then a greater peace is achieved. Solani are also expected to think of those they had killed, and to think of the suffering caused by their deaths. An Solani who does not care about his victims acts against the code of honoring all forms of life.


Solani are required to seek mastery of mind, body and emotion.

  • Solani train in meditation, diplomacy, psychic talents, and use of Solani weapons (see below) at the Solani Temple on Kinlachitobo Win-2
  • Solani are required to conquer emotions such as: Arrogance, Overconfidence, Defeatism, Stubbornness, Recklessness, Curiosity, Agression, External Loyalties, Materialism.

Responsible Use of Power

Solani are sworn to use their powers only for the service of others.

  • Solani use their powers for knowledge and defense, never for aggression or personal gain.


Solani defend and protect the innocent, rather than rule them.

  • Solani put the needs of the community over the needs of the individual.
  • Solani are forbidden to rule over others.

Blind to Prejudice

Solani respect all life, in every form, for the greater good of the galaxy.

  • Solani will exhaust all possible solutions before resorting to force or violence.

Other Responsibilities

  • Solani must always cooperate to accomplish their goals.
  • Solani will not take revenge.
  • Provide support to the Republic Navy.

Current Goals

The Solani Temple

Located on Kinlachitobo Win-2 in Turuk territory. The Turuk permitted the use of an ancient temple that was once the site of a cult of mystics determined to unravel the unknown mysteries of the meaning of life. Although the cult ultimately failed and the Turuk hold a somewhat humorous view of the history of the cult, the temple is a very sacred and respected site. It is a great honor that the Solani have been granted use of the temple.

Temple Grounds

Chamber of the Orb
  • Hall of Devotion - area where all initiates desiring to join the Solani must reside for 90 days to prove their devotion and eligibility.
  • Chamber of the Orb - council chamber for leadership assembly.
  • Hall of Wisdom - psychic training.
  • Hall of Sacrifice - combat training.
  • Hall of Justice - administrative offices and political/law training.
  • Hall of Solace - residences and dinning hall.
  • Chamber of Sufferance (a.k.a. Arcturus' Workshop) - facilities for invention, maintenance, repair and production of Solani equipment.

Financing & Support

As a special branch of the Republic, the Solani receives both financial funding as well as logistical support of supplies and equipment from the Republic. This funding is used to cover all costs associated with the operations of the order, such as employee cost of living, temple utilities, transportation costs, research & development, etc. Solani do not receive income.

  • Cost of Living: $7,200 per year, per Solani (Status 0); $288,000 for year 2139.
  • Individual Equipment Costs: $3,700 each; $48,100 for year 2139.
  • Research & Development: $100,000 per year; total amount already spent for year 2139.
  • Miscellaneous: $20,000 per year. May include special equipment purchase, hiring third party services, informant bribes, Star Portal fees, etc.

Start-up Debt: The Republic did not cover all the initial start-up costs for the Temple facilities, so Arcturus acquired a loan from a Slavaaj bank for the required amount. Current debt: $150,000.


While the Solani hold no rank or authority over the Republic, the Solani serve the Republic and are expected to uphold its laws and ideals, and to protect its citizens. The Solani serve the Republic only when asked and at all other times stand aside. This balance in granting the Solani legal enforcement powers and expecting the Solani to serve only when asked ensures they will not rule over the Republic.

Solani are obligated to help those in need whenever possible and are granted legal enforcement powers to ensure the safety and well being of all life forms, specifically members of the Republic. Solani are expected to defend the weak from oppressors, ranging from small-scale suffering at the hands of an individual to large-scale enslavement of an entire species. However, Solani are taught to respect other cultures, even if they clash with the Solani Code. Solani should not act in areas out of their jurisdiction, and to always consider the consequences of their actions.

Solani have the authority to offer to the Republic Senate advice, give warning when necessary, and argue only when reason fails.

Psychic Powers

The word So is the Turuk word for the practice, study and application of psychic abilities and powers. There are seven disciplines of study which the Turuk So Masters teach:

  • Sorakan - antipsi
  • Sonaje - ESP
  • Soduja - healing
  • Soibo - meditation
  • Sokinzu - psychokinetics
  • Soduka - telepathy
  • Sojarin - teleportation

Rank & Advancement in the Order

As disciples of the Solani increase their skills, adhere to the Codes and obey the authority of their masters, they may become elagable for an increase in rank and advancement in the order. Individuals of lesser rank must show proper respect at all times to higher ranked members and obey the commands given by those of superior rank. There are specific, minimum requirement that need to be met before an individual is eligable for advancement, however it is up to the Kokani to make the ultimate decision.

Rank Title Description
0 Nini An initiate or applicant that has not yet been accepted into the order.
1 Otoji An apprenctice, lowest ranking of members.
2 Usami A skilled disciple having been ordained a knight of the order.
3 Bojani An elite disciple, master of Solani skills, and instructor of Otoji.
4 Kokani A Bojani is elected by the order to serve on the Solani Council.
5 Yegani The "Grand Master" of the Solani, elected by the Bojani.

Nini (initiate)

Requirements: Any individual willing to join the order.

Many come to or are sent to the Temple of the Solani in the hope of being accepted into the order, but due to the strict requirements of the order, laid out in the Codes, many will realize they do not belong and many others are turned away. Anyone hoping to join the order, called a Nini, must remain in the Hall of Devotion for a 90 day initiation period, called the Anteja Ka, during which the applicant is evaluated and tested on their motivations and willingness to adhere to the beliefs and practices of the order. Once an individual has met the miniumum requirements to become an Otoji, remained for the Anteja Ka, and approved to join, they participate in a ceremony in which they must choose an Bojani. It is believed that the choice of a master/trainer is the first test on the path of advancement, for the Bojani will serve as the Otoji's primary instruction until advancing to become a Usami.

Otoji (apprentice)

Requirements: Code of Honor (Solani) [-10], Disciplines of Faith (Monasticism) [-10], Duty (Fairly Often) [-5], Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10], Patron (Solani, powerful organization, special ability, fairly often, high access, minimal intervention) [30], Rank (1:Solani) [5]. [0 cp]

Once an initiate has been accepted into the order and chosen a Bojani, they become an Otoji (apprentice). They must follow the guidance and orders of their Bojani. This is a close relationship that may last anywhere from 4 to 16 years as the Bojani trains the Otoji to become skilled in the ways of Solani and one day become a Usami. This is such a close relationship that many Otoji will form a Sense of Duty to their master. In addition to their training, they must accompany and assist the Bojani on any missions that must be conducted for the order. Many lessons are learned outside the temple, throughout the Republic. Once the Bojani feels the Otoji is ready, the apprentice will be tested by the Kokani. Once successful, the Otoji will be advanced to an Usami.

Usami (knight)

Requirements: Code of Honor (Solani) [-10], Diplomacy (10), Disciplines of Faith (Monasticism) [-10], Duty (always, hazardous) [-20], Force Weapon (12), Judo (10), Law (Republic,10), Leadership (10), Legal Enforcement [5], Legal Immunity [5], Meditation (12), Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10], Patron (Solani, powerful organization, special ability, always, high access, minimal intervention) [90], Psi Talent 1 (any) [10], Rank (2:Solani) [10], Social Regard (feared, 1) [5], Trained by Master [30]. [111 cp minimum]

The Usami, Knights of the Solani Order, are the working power of the order. Their primary responsibility is to police the republic at the direction of the Solani Council and the Republic Assembly. They will travel to any number of worlds and deal with any number of species in the service of Order. Many will devote their entire lives to the knighthood with little desire to advance further, preferring action to administration.

Bojani (master)

Requirements: Code of Honor (Solani) [-10], Diplomacy (12), Disciplines of Faith (mystacism) [-10], Duty (often) [-10], Force Weapon (15), Judo (12), Law (Republic,12), Leadership (12), Legal Enforcement [10], Legal Immunity [10], Meditation (14),Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10], Patron (Solani, powerful organization, special ability, always, high access) [113], Psi Talent 4/1/1 (any) [60], Rank (3:Solani) [15], Social Regard (feared, 2) [10], Strategy (12), Teaching (12), Tenure [5], Trained by Master [30]. [212 cp minimum]

Masters of the skills used by the Solani, the Bojani serve two primary roles within the order: they serve as instructors for the Otoji and mediate and train on advancing their skills to ever higher levels of understand. When not assigned to an Otoji, most of their time is spent within the temple. On extreme occasions, they will also serve a "generals" in major conflicts that the Solani are involved with.

Kokani (council member)

Requirements: Administration (12), Code of Honor (Solani) [-10], Diplomacy (14), Disciplines of Faith (mystacism) [-10], Duty (always) [-15], Force Weapon (15), Judo (12), Law (Republic,16), Leadership (16), Legal Enforcement [15], Legal Immunity [15], Meditation (14), Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10], Patron (Solani, powerful organization, special ability, always, high access) [113], Politics (10), Psi Talent 4/1/1 (any) [60], Rank (4:Solani) [20], Social Regard (respected, 3) [15], Strategy (14), Teaching (12), Tenure [5], Trained by Master [30]. [229 cp minimum]

The Solani order is lead, administered and governed by a council of masters, eight of which are elected from and by the Bojani of the order. They serve for six years, unless exhiled for violation of the Code or re-elected for further terms.

Yegani (grand master)

Requirements: Administration (14), Code of Honor (Solani) [-10], Diplomacy (16), Disciplines of Faith (mystacism) [-10], Duty (always) [-15], Force Weapon (15), Judo (12), Law (Republic,16), Leadership (16), Legal Enforcement [15], Legal Immunity [15], Meditation (14), Pacifism (Cannot Harm Innocents) [-10], Patron (Solani, powerful organization, special ability, always, high access) [113], Politics (12), Psi Talent 4/1/1/1/1/1 (any) [90], Rank (5:Solani) [25], Social Regard (venerated, 4) [20], Strategy (14), Teaching (12), Tenure [5], Trained by Master [30]. [269 cp minimum]

In addition to the eight Kokani that serve on the council, there is one master elected by the Kokani (3/4 majority) to serve as the "Grand Master", called the Yegani.



Yegani (Grand Master)

  • Roparu (Turuk/F)/Sokinzu (psychokinetics)

Kokani (Council Member)

  • Arcturus Astrum (Human/M)/Sokinzu (psychokinetics)
  • Nimalwu (Entium/M)/Sokinzu (psychokinetics)
  • Omshimand (Gelsh/M)/Sorakan (antipsi)
  • [T]pahp (Uhmbolo/F)/Soduka (telepathy), veteran of Chaluuk Invasion of Abatu-3
  • Wep Iuii (Entium/F)/Soibo (meditation)

Bojani (Master)

  • Ajoashroajoa (Slavaaj/F)/Soduka (telepathy)
  • Fynn Miller (Human/M)/Sokinzu (psychokinetics)
  • Mlakar the fair, ah-Kaminski ah-Fekete sem-Nuko (Ahvssek/F)/Sorakan (antipsi), veteran of Chaluuk Invasion of Abatu-3
  • Nheene (Entium/M)/Sonaje (ESP)

Usami (Knight)

  • Savanna Ward (Human/F)/Sonaje (ESP)
  • Ahlaeoap (Entium/F)/Soduka (telepathy)
  • Ajshihodha (Gelsh/F)/Soduja (healing)
  • Eal Ome (Entium/M)/ (ESP), veteran of Chaluuk Invasion of Abatu-3
  • Jadu (Marburi/F)/ (healer), veteran of Chaluuk Invasion of Abatu-3
  • Jason Brooks (Human/M)/Soibo (meditation)
  • Vitols the lustrous, ah-Blazevic ah-Zupan sem-Churi (Avssek/F)/Soduja (healing)

Otoji (Apprentice)

  • Diplomat 39832 (Paqomu/M)/Sojarin (teleportation)
  • Lhe Hwa (Entium/M)/Sonaje (ESP)
  • Lok'R'Chag (Mihtrag/M)/Sokinzu (psychokinetics)

Nini (Initiate)

There are currently 34 individuals going through the Anteja Ka.

Honored Dead

  • Usami Yasoka (Gelsh/M)/Sokinzu (psychokinetics), Chaluuk Invasion of Abatu-3
  • Usami Elhiu Iuuhwu (Entium/F)/Sokinzu (psychokinetics), Chaluuk Invasion of Abatu-3
  • Otoji Tod-Czek (Tohru/M)/Sokinzu (psychokinetics), Chaluuk Invasion of Abatu-3
  • Otoji Arkawar Jedeth (Gelsh/M)/Sokinzu (psychokinetics), possessed by Yewie, killed by heroes

Individuals Affiliated with the Solani

  • Hounquichal - liaison for the Turuk.
  • Arthur - private security droid.
  • Ruedi "Hedge" Marzell - Earth politician.
  • Ikonomo (Turuk/F) - master trainer of Sorakan (antipsi), Sonaje (ESP) and Soduka (telepathy)
  • Bunzunuke (Turuk/M) - master trainer of Soduja (healing) and Soibo(meditation)
  • Dundirataibo (Turuk/M) - master trainer of Sokinzu (psychokinetics) and Sojarin (teleportation)
  • Orshilagan Abhrajith (Gelsh/M) - master trainer of combat (swords, judo, brawling, etc.)
  • Oio Wneon (Entium/F) - master trainer of Republic current affairs, politics and law.
  • There are currently 15 low ranking Republic officials and administrators that are managing the day-to-day operations of the Solani, such as Temple services and maintenance, accounting, communications, etc.

Uniform & Equipment

File:Human Solani.jpg
Human Solani Concept Uniform


Due to the physiological differences in the many races that make up the Solani, there is no set uniform. Solani are free to wear any clothing but must wear a sash, tie, or scarf to denote their rank and position within the Solani Order. The color deep purple must be predominant in the Solani's clothing. Also, many Solani wear ritual face and body paints.


All Solani of Otoji rank or higher are equipped weapons, armor and tools specially developed and created by the Solani. There technology is in a continuous state development to further improve efficiency and effect.

Melee Weapons TL Skill Damage Reach Parry Cost Weight ST LC Notes
Solani Force Sword 11 FORCE SWORD (DX-5 or any sword -3) 8d(5) burn 1, 2 0 $10,000 2 3 2 -

Ranged Weapons TL Skill Damage Acc Range Weight RoF Shots ST Bulk Rcl Cost LC Notes
Solani Sonic Pistol 11 Beam Weapons: Pistol (DX-4, other Beam Weapons -4, or Guns: Pistol -4) HT-3(5) aff 6 200 1.8/C 3 66(3) 4 -2 1 $3,000 3 -

Defensive Force Screens TL DR Cost Weight Power LC
Solani Personal Force Field Belt 11 20 $2,500 2.5 C/15 min 3
Solani Force Shield Bracer 12 100 $3,000 0.5 B/30 min. 2


Realizing the threat that external forces, such as the Solk, can pose to the safety of the Republic as well as the danger of corruption from internal entities, Arcturus realized the need for an organization of elite soldier responsible for the enforcement of peace and order. Thus was envisioned the Solani.

2138.08.24: Through contacts of Hounquichal and Spilizh, Arcturus received a meeting with Dirumi (a high chancellor of the Turuk). Dirumi was impressed by the presentation and after some further discussion with Arcturs, he agreed to bring the proposal to Miminoji (Turuk Republic Assembly Senator).

Although peaceful resolution to conflicts is always desired, the need for specialized weapons and those trained in their use is required when diplomacy fails. Arcturus conceptualized energy weapons that would give the knights a edge in any fight, including the Force Sword, Force Screen, and Sonic Pistols.

2138.09.01: Arcturus presented his proposal to Miminoji (Turuk Senator of the Republic Assembly) and other members of the Turuk High Council. He was requested to proved further detail on the what responsibilities the order would have, what legal enforcement authority the order expected to have, and who the order should be accountable to (where do they take direction from). At the end of the interview, the High Council granted the Solani Order the authority to train and function within Turuk territory. Additionally, they agreed to provide three masters to help train members with psychic talents and an old temple located on Kinlachitobo Win-2 was made available for their headquarters and training area.

2138.09.04: In a meeting with Omkara, Seneschal to the High Lord Orshilagan (Gelsh), Arcturus presented his proposal. Although the Gelsh showed some apprehension to the idea of another agency with authority, overall he seemed to like the idea and agreed to discuss it with his lord.

2138.09.13: Umhraf, Gelsh Republic Assembly Senator, seemed very apprehensive of the proposal, “High Lord Orshilagan, King of the Gelsh, and the Lord Dukes of the Nine Worlds are all very unsure of your proposal. I must admit that I too am unconvinced. The Republic Navy has long served the needs of the allied worlds. What advantage do you suggest is beneficial enough to break with such a long standing and successful tradition?” After stressing the advantage of having individuals with the authority to represent the Assembly and bypass the chain-of-command requirements of decisions made by Navy would greatly increase the efficiency for negotiations and resolution of disputes. Umhraf seemed impressed by this but overall was uncommitted to which way he would vote.

2138.09.27: While on the Fidelity in transit to Turuk space, Arcturus had a remote conference with Akwi Okkae, Junior Magistrate of the Republic Codes of Law (Entium), to discuss the plans for the Solani. Excited by the plans, the official arranged for a second conference in a few hours with Iik Hewlep the Entium Republic Assembly Senator. After assuring the Senator that members of the Entium will have equal rights to participate within the Solani, the Senator agrees to vote for the proposal once it is brought before the Assembly.

2138.10.06: While at the Assembly compound, Arcturus arranges a meeting with Mnoamnslucoa, Deputy Director of Law Enforcement (Slavaaj), to discuss plans for Solani. His greatest concerns appeared to be the cost of funding the Solani, but Arcturus insinuated that besides the initial formation, the Solani may be able to fund themselves in the future.

2138.10.07: The next day, Arcturus met with Blajubua, Slavaaj Republic Assembly Senator. After assuring the senator that the Solani would most likely not be concerned with the business dealings of the Slavaaj and that the inventions created for the use fo the Solani could be sold to the Slavaaj, the senator seemed willing to vote favorably.

2138.10.20: The Republic of Allied Worlds Assembly discusses proposal for the formation of the Solani and after several hours of debate, the senators unanimously approve the formation of this new, elite unit of the Republic. For several days afterwards, the group was involved in numerous ceremonies where they were officially recognized and granted rank and authority. Additionally, they attended numerous feasts and functions where they were introduced to many influential members of the Republic.