November 9, 2015

Midgard Burns

Midgard_BurnsIn iron age Germania, Suebi Barbarians are one of the last remnants that still worship the Old Gods.

2-3 Metonic Cycles Ago, ~50 years ago) A confederation of German tribes, calling themselves the Suebi (“one’s own” people) in and around the Black Forest are one of the last remnants in Central Europe that still worships the Old Gods. Their cousins the Franks have abandoned the Old Gods in favor of a single “Almighty” God. The two people were, in all respects, the same except in religion. The Suebi worshipped certain trees, the waters of rivers, hills and mountain Eberhard_pcvalleys, in whose honour they sacrifice horses, cattle and countless other animals by beheading them, and imagine that they are performing an act of piety thereby. The Suebi strictly reject the wandering Roman and Frankish missionaries into their territory as they know it will lead to an abandonment of what makes them their own people and a subservience to Rome, the Pope, and a central authority. They destroy and plunder Christian churches wherever they were found.

Atilla and his Huns have pushed the Suebi and many other Germanic tribes from north of the Danube into mostly uncontested Roman territory. The Roman Empire to the south is weakened by constant raids from “barbarian” tribes and recent attacks in the heart of the Empire by the Visigoths and the Vandals. The Suebi accept the dominion of Atilla as they promise the establishment of a non-Christian empire, in addition to accepting their rule as they are an obvious overwhelming force.

AntorFehu.png (3 years ago) Atilla attacks the Franks and other tribes to the West. The Suebi joined the Huns to fight against the Christianized Franks. The Franks are joined by other tribes and Roman General Aetius and his army of Romans who defeat Attila’s army of Huns and other Germanic allies, including the Suebi .

Uruz.png (2 years ago) Atilla turns his eyes towards Rome but is convinced not to attack by Pope Leo I.

Thurisaz.png (Last year) Atilla dies and divides his Empire into three to his three sons.

OgivaOss.png (First Quarter Moon, Harvest Festival at Waxing Gibbous) Far away, at the Battle of Nedao, the main Hun army is defeated and with it, Hun dominance over the Germanic tribes, including the Suebi. The Hun armies have retreated from the lands and have not been seen for months. The Suebi are once again in the hands of tribal kings, this time with no over-king to command their armies. A meeting of tribal kings is set to take place in Baden-Baden (Roman name: Aquae Aureliae) to discuss the current affairs of the Confederation and the repercussions of the Hun army’s defeat.

Campaign Details

  • GM: Riley
  • Players: Garth, John
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