November 9, 2015

Farside Station

Hoshiko Cluster

Hoshiko Cluster

This game “world” is based primarily on the FireFly TV series, but including elements from the Star Wars and Blade Runner movies, and the Freelancer PC game, incorporating a blending of sci-fi, wild-west, pirates and cyberpunk genres.

Outside of the inner spheres of control around the capital planets of the Hoshiko Cluster, as well as the most heavily traveled and patrolled trade lanes, the “open space” of the cluster is mostly a wide, wild, unclaimed frontier of hostile planets, hazardous asteroid belts, and vast tracts of empty space. It is to this frontier where those strong-of-will and desperate to make a better life for themselves have ventured. It is said that those with a measure of skill, a load of determination and a bit of luck can make their fortunes in the frontier, but more often than not those who make the attempt run afoul of the many perils and pitfalls waiting for them. The frontier is a dangerous place to live and work.

The frontier, for the most part, is the ultimate in lawlessness. Brigands, bandits and pirates all prey upon those they deem as easy or highly lucrative targets. Claim jumpers frequently bully out individual or small company mining operations. Mayors and governors of the frontier are often corrupt, tyrannical leaders frequently employing the very brigands, bandits and pirates who they should be protecting the inhabitants from. Navy and police patrols are extremely uncommon and local lawmen rarely survive for long. – excerpt from the memoirs of J.T. Haggardy, 2138.

Captain Gabriel Fairchild

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