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The Republic of Allied Worlds, a.k.a "The Republic", is the only formal galactic government established with the intent to unify the varied sentient species of Explored-Space. Founded by the Entium society over 3400 Republic years ago, the Republic has since grown to have a significant amount of political power and influence over the non-allied societies. For those members of the Republic, this allows for a stronger economy, a more extensive exchange of information and a more powerful military to provide civil defense. Even though many societies recognized these benefits, there are many societies that are not members of the Republic.

Republic Senate Assembly

Located on Nimoin (Oaoae Nwo-5) in Entium territory, the heart of the Republic of Allied Worlds is the Senate Assembly where the appointed leader of each member species meets to propose, discuss, debate and vote on the actions, negotiations and laws of the Republic.


Republic Codes of Law

Since before the official formation of the Republic, the Codes of Law were created to serve as a guideline for the agreed upon actions and restrictions of member species interactions within the Allied Worlds. For the most part, the local laws of species worlds are not affected/altered by the Republic laws, for the intention is that the laws apply to individuals and organizations dealing with or negotiating with different member species.

Republic Navy

Republic Navy

History & Formation

One hundred sixty-eight years before the establishment of the Republic, the species of the Entium and the Turuk first made contact with each other. Both species possessed successful, longstanding democratic governments. That combined with the pacifistic nature of the Turuk quickly inspired the leaders of both species to begin negotiating a Codes of Laws by which the citizens of both species share. Eighty-three years before the establishment of the Republic, the Turuk and Entium made contact with the Ahvssek species. Hoping to continue their efforts to establish peaceful relations with other species, the Ahvssek were offered the opportunity to participate in the creation of the Codes of Law. A group of officials from each species assembled to review and debate the laws, laying the foundation for a formal Assembly. Then, twenty-five years before the formation of the Republic, contact was made with the N’Tel. This species was made the same offer to join the allied worlds, but within six years, the N’Tel was exiled for repeated violations of the Codes of Laws and for attacking colonies on the allied worlds. After several conflicts with N’Tel, the Assembly of officials decided that a combined-forces military should be formed to protect the allied worlds from outside threats such as the N’Tel. Bolstered by their success in working together for the greater good of all, the Entium, Turuk and Ahvssek officially voted on the formation of a collective government for the allied worlds.

Members of the Republic

As part of the Republic Codes of Law, there is an established list of criteria for the formal designation of a "sentient society". When a new species is encountered which is determine to be “sentient”, an ambassador for the Republic is sent to officially negotiate with the new species and offer a probationary admittance to the Republic. After the fourteen year probation, the species becomes a certified member of the Republic, with full rights and representation.

Currently, there are 8 species within the Republic of Allied Worlds: Ahvssek (co-founder), Entium (co-founder), Gelsh, Humanity (probationary), Mihtrag, Paqomu, Slavaaj and Turuk (co-founder).

The designation of "primitive life form" is reserved for species that show signs of intelligence, culture and societies but have not yet gained “sentient” status (achieved space-flight). The species do receive the "rights-to-life" privileges laid out in the Codes of Law, so the Republic Navy maintains a "neutral zone" around the star system in order to keep out other sentient societies. Additionally, special agents are tasked with secretly monitoring the sentient society to evaluate their development and future eligibility for "sentient" status.

Oppositional Societies

Not every “sentient society” within explored space is allied with the Republic. There are many societies opposed to joining the Republic because they believe they will have to surrender their power, independence or freedom. Some refuse to abide by the Republic Codes of Law.

  • Outlaw Societies - expelled for violation of Codes of Law
  • Independent Societies - refuse to join Republic
  • Warring Societies - world conquest, weapons of mass destruction, enslavement of sentient species, genocide (xenocide)

Currently there are 5 species in Explored-Space that are not members of the Republic: Marburi, N'Tel (exiled), Nihod Chet, Oncama (at war with Republic) and Tohru.

The Republic has established trade bans on all goods bought from or sold to non-member societies.

Republic Date/Time Standard

As the founders of the Republic, the Entium established the first date/time standard for the Republic. On occassion there have been some disputes and discussions regarding the changing of this standard, but currently no formal votes has been made.

1 Republic Year= 417 Republic Days
1 Republic Day= 16 Republic Hours
1 Republic Hour= 64 Republic Minutes
1 Republic Minute= 64 Republic Seconds

Dates are written [year]:[day of year]RD When times are included, they are shown as [hour].[minute].[second] Example: 3410:35RD5.47.18 (today)

Republic "hours of operation" or "business hours" are from 4 to 9 each day, regardless of daylight hours on worlds within the Republic. These hours are only especially important for Republich administration officials and for the Assembly.

  • Earth Date/Time Conversion: 1 Republic Second = 1.53808594 Earth seconds

The megacorporations established a global date/time standard in 2032 which implemented a single date/time that all cities and colonies are syncronized too. With this standard, New York city on Earth has daylight hours of approximately 06:30 to 21:30. Today 3410:35RD5.47.18 is May 15th, 2138 at 20:32:54 hours.