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Peiramaxira is comprised of many "nexus worlds", each of which were created with a design meant to serve a specific purpose. However, of these many worlds, only eleven make up the core realms of the Labyrinth, the primary zones where the Oberik participate in The Trial.

  1. Lak’hirtri - "The Terminal"
  2. Otaj Umrik - Processing Land
  3. Uadu Frahvash - Desert Wasteland (Lust)
  4. Hrithundefinedra - Endless Sewers (Indulgence)
  5. Harrumfal - Ruined City of Chicago (Greed & War)
  6. Jniohodhaa
  7. Kan Saaoj
  8. Ajor’hodharu
  9. Yomitrarium
  10. Goroaei
  11. Sokamupa

The Labyrinth



As the group has ventured through the lands of Peiramaxira, they have encountered many people, a few of which who have provided assistance to the harrowing adventurers. Some have provided aid in the form of supplies or information. Some have served as guides. And a few have joined forces with the group, to fight side-by-side and struggle together through the challenges of the Labyrinth.

 Emily Carson

Although designated as "User ec29385", Emily (age 26) is commonly just call "Em". Born in 2048, she has lived here entire life in the city of San Francisco, California. For a few years, she has been the lead singer and guitarist of a local band that plays retro-classic-rock from the 1960-80's. Additionally, she is an avid computer gamer that plays in global tournaments.

Her appearance, shocking to most of older times, is actually considered decent in a city and time where public nudity is the norm. Initially very reserved when meeting others in person, with those she is familiar with, she is quite flirty and sensual.

Equipment: Backpack,

 Fadi Shareef Al-Khlaiwi

Fadi, age 64, was born (1790) in a small village north of Yanbu Al Bahris in western Saudi Arabia. The youngest son of a goat rancher, he had great ambitions to travel across the great world and experience wonderful adventures. In 1836, he offered his services as a guide to the British 17th Regiment of Foot during Afghan War (1838-1842) until the Crimean War (1854). During this time he met and befriended Sgt. Owen Wickliff. A devote follower of Islam, he thinks of himself as a holy-warrior. Dressed in robes and turban, he has a thick beard and a single gold tooth in his bright smile.

Equipment: Hand Pistol (25 ammo),


Rambohl is a Teja Bhaazu from a world completely unfamiliar to those from Earth. He has a short-broad-build, floppy jowls and light-colored coat of hair, like a bull-dog. The group has learned little about him yet beyond the fact that he is a vicious combatant of great strength and with a vicious bite and that he apparently has an affinity for "Cowboy Songs" and singing in general. Having neither asked to or been offered to join the group, nevertheless he just seemed to tag along anyway.

Equipment: Large Backpack (chest with unknown contents), Great Axe,

 Sergeant Owen Wickliff

Sgt. Wickliff, age 40, was born in London (1814). At the age of 20, he joined the British army, serving in "Her Majesties 17th Regiment of Foot". During his career, he has severed in many foreign countries and been involved in two major wars: Afghan War (1838-1842) and Crimean War (1854) at the Siege of Sevastopol. After 20 years of service, he is a skilled combatant and competent traveler.

Although he was raised in the streets of London (he speaks with a heavy Cockney accent), he holds himself to the highest of Victorian Era standards of decorum and behavior. Having served honorably and loyal for 20 years, he is only one year away from fulfilling his 21-year enlistment. He has hopes of settling down in retirement in a quite English country village with a fare widow.

Equipment: .45 Rifle (100 ammo), Hand Pistol (25 ammo)


"Truly there are those here that deserve their punishment, however, from what I have observed, the judgment of the divine is often unjust and excessive beyond the level of the crime. I cannot abide such an injustice, so I have vowed to aid all those whom I can, to win their freedom from this hell."

Timur is Turkic-Mongol from the lands of Central-Asia (year 1405). He wears the red robes and has a shaved head common of Buddhist monks, but he speaks little of his own beliefs. He offers his assistance as a guide within the Labyrinth, where he has lived for many years, in order to aid others in escaping. Any who spend a little time with him will find:

  • He is very knowledgeable of the nature and workings of the Labyrinth.
  • He is devoutly non-violent... he easily dodges and parries attacks, but never strikes back.
  • Most powerful Saahref and Rajahraf in the Labyrinth recognize him and often even display a certain fearful respect.

Currently, he has chosen to aid Léonce Chevalier.


 Xadren Haknot

A female Natuuri, Xadren was commanded by The Caesars to create more tunnels in the Hrithundefinedra Realm.



Character Name Player Base Encounters Biography Posts GM Granted Training Total Wealth
Léonce Chevalier Riley 100 48 5 7 5 [1-6,7] 0 165 0
Mark Camaioni Ben 100 36 2 2 7 [1-6] 0 147 0

  1. Language ("Labyrinthian") spoken/accented written/none [2]
  2. Claim of Hospitality (faction) [5]
  3. Destiny ("Oberik", Major Advantages) [10]
  4. Reputation +4 (portal guardians and key NPCs x0.5, all the time x1) [10]
  5. Wealth (Dead Broke) [-25]
  6. Contact ("Ancestral Spirit Guide", Skill 15 supernatural, Quite Often (12), Complete Reliable) [18]
  7. Enemy ("Caesars", medium group formidable, Quite Rarely (6), Hunter) [-15]