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Mass Combat: Mercs

Active Defenses

Retreat to Cover: if standing adjacent to cover (1 step), and you did not take a full move on your last turn, you may opt to take a sideways step into cover as part of a Retreat Dodge, even versus ranged attacks. This can only be done once per turn. Any additional attacks made against you from other foe will be affected by the cover.

Duck 'n Cover: if standing behind partial cover (low cover), when making a Dodge and Drop active defense, you can opt to change posture to crawling, kneeling or sitting position instead of a prone position. Any additional attacks made against you from other foe will be affected by the cover.

Darkness & Visibility

Light Level
Based on either the time of day or availability of a light source, to determine the current light level (most beneficial).

Mid-morning thru Afternoon Magical Light Morning/Evening Lantern/Torch Sunrise/Sunset Dusk/Twilight Early/Late Night Midnight Total Darkness*
0 0 -1 -3 -4 -6 -8 -9 -10

*Total Darkness: underground, magical darkness or windowless interiors with no lighting.

Determine the most severe weather penalty and apply to the light level.

Drizzle or Light Rain Heavy Cloud Cover Heavy Rain Fog or Smoke, by density
-1 -2 -3 -1 to -9

Enhanced Vision
Those with Night Vision, Infravision or Dark Vision, will be less penalized for the light level, but will still have their vision obscured by weather condition.


  • Reduces chances of spotting objects or individuals (see below).
  • Penalty to all melee and ranged attacks.

Lanterns, Torches & Magical Light

These artificial sources of light provide an enhanced light level within a 4-yard radius area of effect, but the benefit quickly diminished outside that area, with a -1 to visibility for each yard beyond the radius of light.

Spot Checks

This is a visual perception roll made to notice an object or individual, modified by:

  • Light Level & Weather
  • Size Modifier of target
  • Range Modifier
  • Cover & Concealment
  • Enhanced Vision: Acute Vision, Telescopic Vision, etc.