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El Ascua (“The Ember”) is a M2 V 'red dwarf' star with a system of eight planets, including the habitable world of Novaya Sibir' which was colonized by the Russians from the ship Zavoyevaniye.

Novaya Sibir

Novaya Sibir' (Новая Сибирь), meaning “New Siberia”, is the capital planet of the Russian Empire of Siberia, located in the El Ascua system.

Orbital Radius: 0.475 AU
Gravity: 0.79 G
Atmosphere: 0.59 ATM (Thin) Nitrogen 78%, Oxygen 21%
Climate: -1 to 34ºF (Cold), average annual rainfall of 15.61”
Hydrographic Coverage: 42%, glacial ice and a few small lakes and creeks in the tundra region.
Geology/Geography: Due to the cold temperatures, the majority of the planet falls within arctic and subarctic terrains. There is an equatorial belt of grassy tundra; the rest of the planet is covered in glacial ice and snow. The planet has a light level of volcanism and no tectonic activity. The world’s crust is very thick and immobile. Quakes are rare and weak. There are only a few areas of minor volcanic activity, but these have formed massive shield volcanoes (40,000 ft or higher). No other mountains.
Native Wildlife: Only found in the equatorial tundra region, there are a few life forms, including a variety of insects, small ground rodents, large herding herbivores, and a species of carnivorous canine.


Nasha Rossiya ( наша Россия : HP, ‘Our Russia’ ), aka. the “Russian Empire of Siberia”, is the sole government of the Russian people in the Hoshiko Cluster.

Government Type: socialist military dictatorship
Capital: Vadimovichy of Novaya Sibir'
Ruler: Grand Admiral Roman Georgevich Gruzinsky
Control Rating: total control (6)
Territory: el Ascua system
Space Navy: the “Kosmos Flot” ( космос флот ) is the smallest naval fleet of the Cluster, but have the reputation as the most loyal and skilled crewman of any navy. They take great pride having successfully defended the El Ascua system from every hostile annexation attempt made by the Britannia Navy. In addition to their military operations, they also serve as the policing force of Novaya Sibir'.
Police Forces: none.

The government is ruled by the military, with the highest ranking navy officer serves as the supreme leader of the empire.

Population: 74,948,700 (1.7% cluster total)

The most remote and hostile earth-like world of the Cluster, the arctic climates of Novaya Sibir' have made expansion very difficult for the Russians, making them the least populated of the governments. However, they are also known for being one of the most strong, enduring and prideful people of the Cluster. Having established a new socialist order, every individual is expected to provide their duty, work for the empire, for which each will be provided their fair share. With this structure, while rank has greater authority, it gains few privileges. The Grand Admiral holds a status only slightly higher (Status 1) then that of a common laborer (Status 0). Everyone is expected to serve the empire, for the betterment of the empire.