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Thread of Darkness is sci-fi campaign designed for use of the GURPS game system with setting, characters and story created by Garth Ludeman.


In the year 2073, mankind had its first encounter with an advanced extraterrestrial species living outside the Sol system--an Oncama invasion fleet. By 2096, after having fended off two separate in invasions, Humanity meets a new species--the peaceful Turuk, just one of many species that form a Republic of Allied Worlds. After 25 years of peaceful co-existence and cooperation with the Republic, Humanity was permitted to officially join the Republic. Today, still relatively new to the politics and operations of Known Space, representatives of Humanity are working to gain a foothold in the Republic while surviving the trials and dangers to be found outside Sol system.


The Cast

Game Sessions

The Crew of the Harriet Tubman

The Harriet Tubman is a medium transport ship, owned and captained by Fetek.

  • Fetek Raljin, (John) - Human Engineer/Smuggler (Captain of the Harriet Tubman)
  • Avash Liennoan - Kon Ruul crewman (Comms/Sensor Tech)[F]
  • Jád - Paqomu Mechanic (Ship's Engineer)[M]
  • Jox'R'Hod - Mihtrag crewman (Gunner/Cargo Handler)[M]
  • Lakwa Hoeokea (Fetek Ally) - Entium Tactical Officer/Weapons Specialist (Gunner)[M]
  • M1RV (Fetek Ally) - Med-bot (Ship's Surgeon)[N]
  • Paul Ursum - A. I. Integrated Pilot (Pilot/Navigator)[M!]
  • Ujmitra - Gelsh Mystic (Steward)[F]

Solani Entourage

Allies & Contacts