The Gloomgärde Chronicles (Prelude)

Hello Reader, Before I get to telling the story of my play-through of the board game Gloomhaven I want explain a little about how excited I am to finally be playing a board game that actually has a running narrative. Gloomhaven is a board game that tells the story of a mercenary troupe, an adventuring Read more about The Gloomgärde Chronicles (Prelude)[…]

City of Strangers. (Book 1, Chapter 2)

Scene. NYPD Headquarters Tuesday, January 6, 1920 Commander John Cublin wakes up the two detectives from their too short of slumber. A body of a girl has turned up. Go investigate it. On the way out of headquarters, the two detectives learn more of the two gangsters who were brought to the hospital. Alberto Zino, Read more about City of Strangers. (Book 1, Chapter 2)[…]

City of Strangers (Book 1, Chapter 1)

Scene. Small Apartment in Brooklyn; Dive Bar Monday, January 5, 1920 8:47 PM Connor Boudelaire receives a call. Sgt Telam from HQ – Incident at Italian restaurant Hester & Baxter in Little Italy. Heads down to the bar to pick up his partner, Leslie Devaul, who’s probably a few drinks in already so early in Read more about City of Strangers (Book 1, Chapter 1)[…]

Ensign Norbert of the USS Enterprise

Little was known about Ensign Norbert, but those carpets were always spotless aboard the USS Enterprise. “You might think the carpets clean themselves with some transporter technology whisking away the dirt, or maybe some sort of Altonian photon beam calibrated just to blast away the filth from everything that gets tracked in here when Commander Read more about Ensign Norbert of the USS Enterprise[…]

The Reckoning, Day 1 – Graham Walden

Day 1 – Graham Walden Introduction Worthington Park is beautiful this time of year. The wind carries a calm breeze through the lush leaves of hundred year old trees. Graham lays in the grass only half reading one of the books on economics his father gifted him as a college graduation present. The interview he Read more about The Reckoning, Day 1 – Graham Walden[…]

The Reckoning, Day 1 – Mr. Walden

Day 1 – Mr. Walden Introduction Walden Tower pierces above the Sacaton City skyline. Its all glass facade reflects the rising sun. Atop the tower sits Mr. Walden sipping his black coffee, overlooking the city when his personal assistant informs him to turn on the news. Numerous scenes flash across the twenty flat screens on the Read more about The Reckoning, Day 1 – Mr. Walden[…]